City Line 125 IE

A mega scooter designed and manufactured for urban and intercity travel with a powerful 4 valve liquid cooled 125cc electronic fuel injection engine made in Europe. A sporty and elegant design that makes a difference, combined with high quality components and a first class finish.When you're riding, everything is in place, intuitive controls, precise and agile handling, it’s even easy to handle at stand still. The advanced geometry design combined with a tried and tested wheelbase and lightweight structure provides a sporty yet secure ride. City driving is a breeze thanks to its power to weight ratio and easy handling. With lightweight 14"alloy wheels and low profile tires the City Line provides great rider feedback with a precise sense of control.Available in two colours, the Rieju City Line in black appeals to those who prefer sharp racy lines, whilst the softer metallic grey version with contrasting panels is perfect for the fashion conscious city dweller.For commuting, free time...

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