MRT / Marathon Configurator

Are you ready to design your bike, customise your colours and accessories? This is where your unique adventure begins, you will fully customise your bike.

Due to the exceptional circumstances, we will process all orders as usual. However, we will not be able to make preparations and deliveries until September 7th.
  • Model

  • Wheels

  • Color

  • Decals

  • Saddle

  • Accessories

* The preview can vary the final model



What happens after configuration?

At the end of the customisation process you will receive a reservation code (we also call it an “order form”), once we receive your details, your chosen Rieju dealer will contact you to formalise the order and you will be able to collect your motorbike after approximately 14 days after the date of purchase.
Once the order has been formalised you will not be able to change the customisation options, however if you have forgotten to include you must consult with your dealer.

About the price of your unique motorbike.

The price will change according with the accessories that you choose. The total price will be displayed on the final order form.

My final price is incorrect, why?

Make sure you have checked that optional extras that you selected. You must pay the price shown on the final order form. Remember the registration charge for the vehicle is not included in the final price shown on the order form.

Will I get the bike I designed?

Once the process has been finalised and once the 15 day waiting period is over your bike will be available at your chosen Rieju dealer.

What if the bike is different to the one I designed?

In principle this should be imposible, but if it was the case (no one is perfect!) the first step would be to check your order form and consult your delaer. If there are any issues we will aim to rectify them as soon as possible.

When will I own my customised bike?

Once the purchasing process has been completed. In the customisation process you are only creating a reservation that helps us plan the production of your bike.

Can I pay Rieju directly over the phone or on the web?

No, you can only pay through an official Rieju dealer as they will handle the sale and delivery of the bike.

What is the warranty?

All of our motorbikes come with 2 years parts and labour warranty as standard.