Nuuk Cargo 8,5


Pioneering the manufacture of the electric two wheelers in Spain, Rieju has created a new range to meet all the needs of users both consumer and fleet. Through a close collaboration with BOSCH, a motor has been developed with a maximum power 8kW, with removables batteries that allow a range 120 Km, which can be extended up to 280 km depending on the number of batteries. The maximum speed is 115 km/h. Fast recharging option is just 1.8 hours 50% and standard version 5 hours.

For the cycle parts RIEJU NUUK has front suspension with an inverted fork with a diameter of ø41 mm. A rear mono-shock absorber with adjustable preload. Combined brakes use a front disc ø280 mm and rear ø 220 mm. Total weight is 150kg.

These specifications allow the NUUK range to offer all the necessary features for safe and efficient riding with zero exhaust emissions and low maintenance.

L3 = Equivalent to 125cc
8 kW power motor
Wave brake discs with CBS system (Combined braking system)
Inverted Fork
On board charger with fast charge mode