MRT PRO 50 SM 2022

The new design of it plastic and its new range of colors, make it the best alternative for supermotard and enduro lovers who want to enjoy a moped with enviable, daring and youthful aesthetics.

The new MRT 50 PRO has arrived to dethrone its competitors and offer the consumer a quality, efficient and fun product that focuses on innovation and riding experience. A perfect blend of radicalism, passion and adventure that guarantees, to all those addicted to asphalt and mountains, to acquire a unique and inimitable moped.

A concept that conveys Rieju philosophy and values in an exponential way and allows the user to experience new emotions on the back of a different moped, not only in terms of response and smoothness, but also in terms of sensations and aesthetics. An aesthetic that, precisely, has been improved thanks to a new design of the plastic and the inclusion of a new range of colors that grant it a distinctive touch and a plus of sportiness. In short, a model that manages to transmit to the consumer that enthusiasm and love for the world of motorcycles that the brand strives to reflect to its customers every day. In addition, because of its beautiful and careful line, this renewed MRT 50 PRO is impossible to go unnoticed in the eyes of others given its attractive design and its beautiful, special and striking colors.

This moped is marketed in two different versions depending on the needs and requirements of the rider. We can distinguish, on the one hand, the MRT 50 SM PRO, focused on satisfying supermotard enthusiasts on closed circuits and to please individuals who simply want to give it an urban use. And on the other hand, the MRT 50 PRO created for track fanatics and enduro addicts who want to test their limits.


But like everything else in life, things are not just about aesthetics. And this is where the new MRT 50 PRO 2022 shines in all its splendor. Considered one of the most balanced bikes in the segment due to its weight distribution, weight distribution and small dimensions, the new MRT 50 PRO becomes a real toy due to its amazing agility and ease of riding. With a dry weight of only 85 kg and a seat height of 870 mm, becomes one of the most docile and agile mopeds on the market.


In terms of technical specifications, this model hides inside a Minarelli 2T NG watercooled engine and has a 6-speed gearbox with foot shift. In addition, it is worth mentioning a new, more powerful cylinder that the brand has prepared exclusively to maximize its performance, always complying with the new EURO 5 regulations.

With special mention to the cycle part, the new MRT PRO mounts a double perimeter beam chassis in high strength steel that offers much more security to the rider due to its firmness, providing more rigidity and lightness to the whole. Top quality components further reinforce the idea that this is a special MRT. The presence of an impressive 40 mm inverted front fork, accompanied by a rear monoshock with separate gas tank with a progressive PRS linkage system and an aluminum swingarm, make this bike a true work of art in the technical section. On the other hand, it is characterized by a braking system consisting of a double-piston caliper anchored to a 300 mm diameter Galfer Wave disc at the front and another 200 mm diameter Galfer Wave disc at the rear, allowing a sporty and demanding ride, guaranteeing maximum safety at all times.


In terms of equipment, this renewed MRT 50 PRO 2022 carries both the handlebars and the silencer made of aluminum, as well as a digital instrumentation panel and a series of essential elements such as the hand guard, indicators and various indicators such as temperature, oil level and neutral. In addition, as a novelty, it incorporates a lockable fuel cap for greater control of the opening and closing of the gas tank in case of refueling.


And the best part? That, as in most models of the brand, the customer will can install different optional elements to customize the bike to your liking, choosing from thousands of different combinations.

In short, the new MRT 50 PRO 2022 returns to reign in the segment, offering the public a unique moped, with an unbeatable quality-price ratio and a set that seeks will to satisfy the most demanding users who want to enjoy their freedom driving.