Rieju presents new MR 2022

The new MR represents another step for Rieju positioning in the Enduro world

With improvements in each of its models, Rieju presents its new MRs, offering an unlimited adventure opportunity for Enduro lovers.




The new Rieju MR Ranger 2022 200/300cc is the perfect ally for soft enduro.  A new lower mount and the incorporation of a new adjustable link make the MR RANGER 2022 the best off road option on the market to enjoy adventure and freedom. Ideal for getting started in enduro or going out without pretensions at maximum speed.

Its main differences from the previous model are the seat height, a more docile engine and a much softer suspension setting. The technical novelties of the MR Ranger 2022 are:



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The new Rieju MR Racing 2022 250/300cc will not leave anyone indifferent. Its racing character, with fast and precise reactions will position it as one of the favorites.

Are you ready to live the enduro you want? The technical novelties of the MR Racing 2022 are:



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MR Pro 2022 


The new Rieju MR Pro 2022 250/300cc is all you need.

Exclusivity, power and versatility at your fingertips. Ready to take off?

With your Rieju MR PRO 2022 you can enjoy outings in the mountains or challenge your limits by participating in any enduro or hard off road test.

Its improvements based on its predecessor make it the highest-end motorcycle in its category. The technical novelties of the MR Pro 2022 are:



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