This weekend was the fifth and final round of the Spanish Enduro Championship 2021 in Antas (Almería), where the Rieju Team was getting very good results.

The MC 1000 Miles carried out a two-day test, which did not seem excessively complex at the start, although due to the type of terrain in this area, very dry, with little vegetation and stony, with the passage of the pilots was degrading, appearing many stones and holes, which, together with the great raised dust, became a real trap for the pilots, making it even more difficult for them to pass through the special stages.

Rieju, once again shining in competition with the new era of the MR, achieved very good results at the end of the Spanish Championship 2021. Víctor Guerrero got a double fourth place in Antas, a result that serves to crown him Spanish Enduro runner-up in the E-1 class in his first year with the brand, after a time of adaptation to the MR 300 2T PRO, taking into account that the Andalusian pilot was very used to driving the 4T.

In addition, the Rieju Team also achieved the title of Spanish Champion with Joan Pau Segura, thanks to his victory in Antas in the Senior B 2T class. Third place in the final podium of the championship by Albert Muñoz in the same class, despite not being able to compete this last test.

The successes have also been experienced in other categories, as in Junior Trophy, where Jan Olivera finished with two second positions in Antas, achieving the Spanish Runner-Up of the category, while Alejandro Andreu also got the Runner-Up, finishing in second and first place respectively in Andalusia, in the Senior C 2T class, while Isaac Melian completed the third place of this same final podium, after being third and fourth.

Statements by Víctor Guerrero:

"I am very happy with the results after a year of many changes, with the new team and the two-stroke bike. In the Super Test on Friday I went out with a lot of desire and I made some mistakes, which delayed me for Saturday, dragging the first day this time of about 15 seconds. I have felt good on the bike as I have adapted to the characteristics of the two times, and this is reflected in the rankings. On Saturday he finished fourth in E-1 and eighth fastest, while on Sunday things improved and after struggling hard for second place throughout the day with Kirian and Navarro, he finished fourth, but with a few times very close to the podium and again eighth fastest. We have worked hard throughout the year and now we are finding a good adaptation to the bike, this motivates us face next season".

Joan Pau Segura:

"We arrived in Antas with a lot of desire to fight for the victory and for the title, after a long year and very satisfying for the results achieved, which in general have been good, finding me comfortable with the bike and at ease with the team, everything has gone very well. I wanted to make a championship of 10, in the end it was a nine after winning in the first day of Antas and not being able to finish in the second by a small fault, but the important thing is that we have also achieved the title of Senior B 2T for Rieju. Very grateful to the team of the brand that has been helping me throughout the season, very happy and thinking about new projects for the next season".