The second member of the MR family hits the market. MR PRO

With your Rieju MR 300 PRO you will be able to go hiking or even to put on a race bib and take part in any Enduro or hard off road test that you want. Exclusiveness at your fingertips.

What should you know about the MR300PRO? On the basis of the already complete MR300 Racing, Rieju has decided to create its sister PRO with exclusive components that make it the best option on the market today. The main differences are its Kayaba front fork with anti-friction treatment, lightened red anodized triple trees, GOLD SPEED rims with reinforced red anodized hub, Funnelweb air Filter, electric fan to avoid overheating in the endless trialeras, quick release wheel axle, Renthal double diameter handlebar and Racing decoration. We hope to be very successful with this model since quality - price is currently the best market option in this segment.