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The SixDays bring us closer to the hills of Val Curone.

In a selective and challenging terrain, the riders continue to face the harshness of the last day off road, thus saying goodbye to this experience. We'll say goodbye to SixDays tomorrow with the MotoCross modality.

On the day's route they have encountered 3 Time Check, 3 Cross Test and 3 Enduro Test.

The Rieju Team continues to bet every day to go out and give it everything. The fatigue is beginning to show in the team, but neither the drivers nor the staff lose the desire to make the most of this challenging experience.

Finally, Javier Castejón, the pilot from Vinarós has withdrawn from the competition because of his crash on the third day. He and Bonollo, the Italian driver, continue to support the rest of the team and enjoy the SixDays from another perspective.

In the words of Víctor Guerrero: "This test is being extremely tough, challenging at every stage, at every stage. As always, with Rieju I have the support and backing of the family".