Exhaust VOCA Chromed Blue


The manufacturer VOCA Racing never ceases to amaze us, it launches the new VOCA Chromed 50/70cc with blue silencer on the market.

A chromed exhaust with a very fine finish that maintains the brand's racing demands.

And being chrome-plated it is protected against rust. It can be combined with the original cylinder, a basic preparation and by removing the limiter with a mid-range preparation.

• Equipped with the VOCA aluminium silencer in blue, laser engraved with the logo.
• Like the rest of the silencers, it is reinforced with an additional flange.
• The exhaust is available in three versions, with a silencer in red, black or blue.

Includes two nozzles: 25/28 and 28/28.

Attention! This exhaust has two stops, one where it connects to the cylinder and the other one for the muffler.


* Non-approved accessory for driving on public roads. Mounting this accessory will void the warranty of the bike.

Modelos compatibles:

MRT 50 SM Trophy
MRT 50 SM Pro
MRT 50
MRT 50 Pro