Exhaust VOCA Cross Chromed Red


VOCA Cross Chromed 50/70cc (CE) with black muffler for all RIEJU MRT 50 models.

The Cross Chromed 50/70cc is very similar to the popular Cross Rookie 50/70cc exhaust when it comes to geometry and performance.

With a more Off-Road look, it is manufactured with an hydroforming procedure, coated in high quality chrome and a final polished finish.

Recommended for original 50cc engines.

Equipped with reinforced aluminium silencer and laser engraved logo. Available in high quality black or red VOCA aluminium silencer.


* Non-approved accessory for driving on public roads. Mounting this accessory will void the warranty of the bike.

Modelos compatibles:

MRT 50 SM Trophy
MRT 50 SM Pro
MRT 50
MRT 50 Pro