VOCA Biaxial Carbon Plates


VOCA Biaxial carbon blades for the original reed box.

Biaxial carbon of the highest quality, 0.35 mm thick, used for the initial reed box.
It is the recommended thickness for preparations with the original foil box. This Biaxial material guarantees a very high level of resistance and opening/closing speed.

Those boxes improve the performance of your engine's original reed box. The right carbon content maintains the durability and lightness of steel plates. They increase the resistance of fibreglass plates.

And thanks to the rigidity offered by carbon, it has unbeatable stability at high revs. That avoids the vibrations of the plate. Favouring that it can go up to higher revolutions.

The carbon blades also offer stable, low-speed performance. At the moment of maximum wear, the fibres of the tips break, which can be expelled from the engine without a problem.

When this occurs with metal sheets, bits of metal can seriously damage the engine. It is important to have good carbon blades and these have VOCA 100% carbon quality seal.


* Non-approved accessory for driving on public roads. Mounting this accessory will void the warranty of the bike.

Modelos compatibles:

MRT 50 SM Trophy
MRT 50 SM Pro
MRT 50
MRT 50 Pro