180cc Kit


Transform your 125cc to 180cc with Malossi. This air-cooled aluminium cylinder has an exact displacement of 182,58cc and will increase the performance of your motorcycle.

• Diameter: Ø 63 mm.
• Stroke: 58,6 mm.
• Displacement: 182,58.
• Compression ratio 1:11.
• Material: aluminium alloy with a high content of refined and tempered silicon, inner jacket with superimposed silicon carbides in a galvanic nickel matrix and crossed grinding with two steps of diamonds with very restricted tolerances.
• Processing: on machines with high-precision numerical control tools.
• Coupling piston-cylinder selection of 0.05 mm.
• Newly calculated and extra-large heat exchange surfaces.

• Super compact with three segments.
• Material: high-quality silicon aluminium alloy with reduced thermal expansion with added tin on the sliding walls.
• Processing in numerical control machines.
• Lightened and reinforced.
• Extra-large heat exchange surfaces.

• Specials with high travel and very high mechanical resistance.
• Iº compression segment in nitrided and chromed steel.
• IIº segment in a special iron.
• Oil scarper in three pieces in special, alloyed and chromed steel.


* Acessório não homologado para circular em via pública. A montagem deste acessório anula a garantia da moto.

Modelos suportados:

Marathon 125 SM Pro
Marathon 125 Pro