MRT LITE Plastic Set Black (With Decals)


A complete kit of seven plastics for RIEJU MRT 50 and RIEJU MARATHON 50. Black kit, with stickers.

Original top quality replacement from RIEJU.

• Make sure to clean the plastic very well.
• Do it also with the new plastic, since it may have traces of oil on the surface after manufacturing.
• Stickers must be assembled at room temperature.
• Make sure to center the sticker before sticking it on. When you are satisfied with the place, peel off the protective film at one corner and slowly start to stick the adhesive.
• It is good to have a sponge/cloth to press lightly on the adhesive.
• For covers with a curved shape, it is advisable to heat the adhesive with a hair dryer or heat gun, so that they become easier to fold.
• After the assembly, let the plastic rest for 24 hours at room temperature before driving for the first time.

• Reference: 0/K00.570.0015
• Approved: N/A
• Material: N/A


Modelos suportados:

MRT 50 SM Trophy
MRT 50 SM Pro
Marathon 125 SM Pro
MRT 50
MRT 50 Pro
Marathon 125 Pro