Outstanding performances of the Rieju Team in the Enduro del Lluçanès

4th Test of the Spanish Enduro Championship 2021

The fourth test scoring for the Spanish Enduro Championship was held this past weekend with the Enduro del Lluçanès, Barcelona, two-day race that was also scoring for the Catalan Enduro Championship.

From the town of "La Torre d'Oristà", there was a start to a race where drivers had to overcome a hard journey of 40 kilometers along paths and paths, as well as three special stages: a fast stage, an extreme stage and a long time of more than ten minutes, All this to be completed on three occasions for the main categories.

The participation in the test was again very numerous by the Rieju Team, counting on the fast and spectacular Victor Guerrero who fought an intense battle with Alejandro Navarro, marking a similar times, placed in the top five. Finally, Guerrero finished fifth in the Enduro class and 16th in the first day. Already in the second, Victor tuned in his times and returned to fight for the fourth place throughout the race, finally repeated the fifth position in the Enduro1 class and achieved a magnificent 12th scratch position.

With regard to the Enduro3 class, there was an intense struggle between Marc Calmet and Francesc Moret, the two Rieju Team teammates. Moret scored the best records in the extreme stage, Calmet did the same in the rest of the stages, thanks to this, Calmet finished fourth, ahead of Moret, fifth in the top class. On Sunday a similar performance of the two drivers was repeated, maintaining identical classifications.

In the TN Junior class, highlight the third final position of Jan Olivera and the seventh of Pau Pera in the first day, while in the second Olivera improved his position by finishing second, like Pera who finished fifth in the class.

Among the Senior B 2T, once again there was a battle between Joan Pau Segura and Albert Muñoz, the two Rieju drivers, who on the first day of the race imposed the rhythm in their class, finishing Joan Pau first and Albert second, In addition, the Commission has made significant differences with its competitors. In the same class, Edgar Riera was eighth and Eric Garcia was eleventh. On Sunday the Majorcan driver Joan Pau Segura repeated victory, still dominating the class, while Albert Muñoz entered in fifth place, with Eric Garcia sixth. Edgar Riera did not leave on this second day.

In the Senior C 2T class, on Saturday Isaac Melian finished in fifth place, Alejandro Andreu in seventh; on Sunday Andreu was second and Melian repeated the fifth position. For his part, Francisco Javier García finished fifth among the Masters 55 on Saturday and fourth on Sunday.

The last round that will close the Spanish Enduro Championship 2021, is scheduled for 12-14 November in Antas, Almeria.

Statements by Víctor Guerrero:

"It’s been a weekend that we’ve gone from less to more. The race was very good, with long and demanding times, which were broken over the laps.

Both days I finished 5th in Enduro1. On Saturday I had a hard time catching the feeling at the times and I was further away from the headers, however on Sunday I felt very good, despite suffering several falls I was closer to the podium posts. Overall very happy with my team and with all the work they are doing, we are still second in the championship and there is only one race left. To continue working to make a good role in the last of Antas".