The Hixpania Hard Enduro, penultimate test scoring for the FIM World Championship of the specialty, was held this weekend in the town of Aguilar de Campoo (Palencia).

On Friday a Super Enduro-style test was held for a small circuit to obtain the starting order of the race on Saturday. 


Already on the second day of Saturday, there was a more showy race, where the drivers had to overcome a journey of 54 kilometers per lap, with a total of three, cross country type, combining a large part of fast areas, with others slower and more complex, where physical endurance was important, especially for the Knights, while for the Archers, it was somewhat lighter. Note that in the middle of the third lap, a rain fell that would complicate some of the steps of the route. 


Precisely in the Archers class, Francesc Moret, driving a Rieju Pro, despite not being on his favorite terrain and starting a little late for a problem at the start, He quickly began to regain all his competition to place himself in the first position and leading the category. After three intense laps through the Campoo X-Treme, the extrialero finished in an excellent first position among the Archers, a result that allowed him to leave on Sunday in the most complex test of the weekend: 'The Lost Way'.


On Sunday, the best qualified riders on Saturday competed in the toughest and most technical test of the weekend, with a totally extreme course of 4.5 km, which was modified in part because of the rain.


Rieju driver Francesc Moret went after the Pro drivers in 51st place, completing a magnificent first lap in which he enjoyed the large audience. In the second return, in a steep descent, Francesc suffered a heavy fall in which he gave numerous blows by the body with the rocks, being dizzy by the strong impact, In spite of this, Francesc recovered and continued with his strong pace getting through the finish line in the first position of Arqueros in which it has been his great debut in this test so complex.


The rider Eloi Salsench also participated in Hixpania and despite being reduced by a wrist injury, he completed a good participation in the extreme finishing in the 25th position.


Statements by Francesc Moret:
"It was a different and very beautiful race, it was my first experience in the Hixpania in which I went from less to more. I have made some mistake that I have paid dearly, but I remain in that I have come out the 51st and I have finished the 16th scratch, 1º in Archers. In a descent I have fallen, I have suffered some strong blows for the body but luckily and despite being a little dizzy I have been able to continue, I am very happy with the result. Now it’s time to continue training, on Tuesday I travel to Mexico to compete in another race. I want to thank the people who helped me today, the Rieju team, the sponsors and my family, as well as all the people who cheered us on today".