We present the new Rieju sweatshirt

The Rieju team wants to present you the new product that we have launched on the market. This is a vintage gray sweatshirt model with the first logo in the history of the Rieju brand stamped on it.

As you well know, the name of Rieju is the acronym of the company created in 1942 named the company Riera y Juanola S.L. This name is given to the founders of the company: Mr. Lluís Riera Carré and his collaborating partner Mr. Santiago Juanola Farrés, from whose surnames the RIEJU brand arose.

This sweatshirt is a unisex model and is available in various sizes. You can find it at your nearest distributor or on the brand's website. Do not miss yours!

By the way... More Rieju products will be on sale soon. Be alert!