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Pedrero enters on the 7th position, Mena on the 12th and they close their participation in the Dakar in positions 15 and 16 of the general. Rookie Marc Calmet ranks 34th. A great performance from the entire team.

Joan Pedrero closes his 13th Dakar with a spectacular 7th position in the last stage with a time of 02H 27' 42'' and manages to position himself 15th overall.
Oriol Mena completed the stage in the 12th position, with a time of 02H 32' 36'', 15' 34'' behind Brabec, and finished 16th in the general, after a great performance in the second week of the rally. The rookie Calmet, has finished his first adventure in the Dakar among the top 35, entering today in 38th position.

Classification 12th stage
Oriol Mena (Elite) - 12
Joan Pedrero (Elite / Legend) -7
Marc Calmet (Marathon / Rookie) - 38

General ranking
Oriol Mena (Elite) - 16
Joan Pedrero (Elite / Legend) -15
Marc Calmet (Marathon / Rookie) - 34

Joan Pedrero: "I'm very happy. 3 Riejus have finished the Dakar. This was the main objective, the most important thing, and we are all fine. We have all had a fall, but we are fine and that is the most important thing. Very happy, amazing team. The entire FN Speed and Rieju teams have been adorable and we had a great time!”

Oriol Mena: “Dakar finished. Three out of three. I am happy. Despite all the problems, we are here, which is the most important thing, at the finish line. Feeling joyful for the work done, a great satisfaction, and above all, gratitude to all the sponsors and people who have made it possible for me to be here. To Rieju and FNSpeed. And now to continue working. less than 365 days to start a new Dakar. We will see if there is an opportunity to be here again, and be, at least a little bit more well prepared and try to be in the positions that we deserve. I want to thank all those who have managed to get me here today, grateful”.

Marc Calmet: "Hi, Dakar is finished. I am super happy to be here. It was first time for me, I was a rookie. It was a big challenge for me and a dream since I was a child. Now, I am happy because it is been a long, long rally, long days. Desert that was new for me. Will see next year, now it is time to enjoy"

Miquel Garcia, team manager Rieju Team: “Very happy that the 3 drivers have reached the finish line, which was the goal. And make the Rieju's brand reach the world of the off road through the most important test there is. Very happy for Rieju and for the three drivers who deserve it, they have fought a lot and also for the entire Rieju and FN Speed team because we see the work of the drivers, which is great, but there are also many people working behind and I am very grateful and happy for the whole team”.